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Go2Goal Forms Training Partnership With The Edge

By Go2Goal , 01/28/20, 12:15PM EST


Go2Goal Forms Training Partnership With The Edge

Go2Goal has joined The Edge as an official elite soccer-training partner.  


Within their partnership, the staff and facility aim to offer the highest level of soccer training by providing an unmatched environment. 

Go2Goal has a staff of former professional soccer players with a reputable background. These former professionals are now the current trainers, and have coached/trained over 60 professional soccer players. With ample experience and knowledge of the game, Go2Goal can promise an unrivaled intensity during sessions. 

Go2Goal’s mission is to take players to the next level by nurturing and fulfilling development. By having access to one of the best training facilities in Cleveland,  Go2Goal is able to execute and perform at it's highest level. The Edge provides much more than a facility, as they continue to build character each day.

As stated, The Edge’s mission is to, “help the youth cultivate their character and contribute to the world.“ Go2Goal are eager to carry out this mission, and aim to do so in all facets of a young athlete’s life.